Appointment Management Software for Beauty Centers

Make appointment management for your Beauty Center easy and efficient with a system that allows you to optimize your business resources.

Appointment Management Software for Beauty Centers

Appointment Management within a Beauty Center

A Beauty Center offers a multitude of services to its clients. These services can vary based on the type of center and its specialization. However, below are some of the most common services offered by a beauty center:

  • Facial Treatments: including facial cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, lifting, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and facial massages.
  • Body Treatments: including massages, anti-cellulite treatments, toning treatments, slimming treatments, hair removal, mud therapy, and beauty treatments for hands and feet.
  • Hair Treatments: including haircuts, hairstyling, coloring, hair care treatments, and specific shampoos and conditioners for different hair types.
  • Hair Removal Treatments: including waxing, threading, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.
  • Nail Treatments: including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, gel polish, and nail art.
  • Advanced Aesthetic Treatments: which may include microinjections, fillers, Botox, laser therapy, and cryotherapy.

The duration of these services can vary significantly, and they require different staff members, rooms, and equipment.
To optimize appointment schedules and avoid overlapping and simultaneous use of equipment used in different treatments, it is essential to use appointment management software like Softvision Agenda. This way, you can efficiently utilize all the appointment slots without causing inconvenience to your clients.

Clients often book appointments months in advance. To ensure that patients do not forget their appointments, it is absolutely essential to send them reminders via email or SMS. This cumbersome task is fully automated by an appointment management system like Softvision Agenda.

Self-Booking by Center Clients

By using the scheduling software Softvision Agenda, appointments can be entered into the booking calendar by any staff member through the software's control panel. This approach is generally used when clients contact the center by phone to schedule appointments, and in the case of medium-large centers, it may even require the employment of a dedicated receptionist for this task.

With appointment management software, in addition to the previous method, you can provide your clients with the ability to book their appointments independently. They simply need to access a dedicated website (online booking portal), indicate the type of treatment to book, the desired date, and time for the appointment. The system will automatically suggest available dates and times.
It is obvious that this option greatly streamlines the work within a beauty center, completely automating the booking process and eliminating the need for a staff member dedicated to appointments.

Configuring Softvision Agenda for Use in a Beauty Center

After considering the challenges involved in appointment management for a beauty center, let's see how to configure the "Softvision Agenda" system for use in a beauty center.

Defining the Opening Hours of the Center

In the "Company" menu of the software's control panel, accessible at, you will find all the configuration functions of the system.
The crucial setting to make is the definition of the working hours. This way, the system will only allow bookings during the opening hours of the esthetic center.
By clicking on "Company Hours", you can specify the morning and afternoon hours for each day of the week. In the following example, the esthetic center is configured to accept bookings every day from 9 AM to 7 PM, except on Sundays.

Resources and Services offered by the Esthetic Center

The next step in configuring the booking system is to define the characteristics of the treatments offered by the esthetic center. From the "Services" section of the "Company" menu, you can add or modify the services (treatments).

You need to create various services with their respective durations, for example: Manicure, Facial Cleansing, Hair Removal, etc...
For each service, it is essential to correctly set the staff members and resources required for performing the treatments.
The choice will depend on the size of the esthetic center. Let's distinguish two cases:

  • Esthetic center capable of handling only one client at a time.
    This is the simplest situation, where you create a single resource (e.g., "Station") with a multiplicity of "1" assigned to each service.
  • Esthetic center with multiple workstations, each with its own attendant.
    In this case, the center can handle as many clients as there are workstations (e.g., rooms), with each staff member working at a specific workstation.
    You need to create a resource for each workstation ("Marco's station," "Giulia's station," etc.).
    Then, assign all the resources to each service and enable the "manual resource selection" flag. This way, during the online booking, clients can also specify their preferred attendant.

There are also cases where a single staff member can work on multiple workstations simultaneously. In such situations, you handle it by configuring the staff member with a capacity greater than 1 and assigning them to all the services.