User guide to the Softvision Agenda reseller control panel

The Reseller Area is a technical and commercial tool with which the Resellers will be able to create the Softvision Agenda accounts for their customers and easily formulate their orders.

A very interesting aspect is represented by the possibility of buying in complete autonomy, and at any time, without our intervention. In fact, choosing online payments by credit card or Paypal, the system will be able to automatically credit the services purchased (months and SMS).

Management of reseller customers

The management of the customers of the control panel allows essentially two operations: creation of a new customer and purchases of subscriptions and SMS.

To create a new customer, simply click on the New button, enter the complete customer data together with the e-mail address and password for accessing the software.

In the list of customers, to the right of each of them, a cart icon appears through which you can make purchases for the customer. During the purchase phase it will be necessary to select the user's plan, the number of months of subscription and any SMS to be purchased on behalf of the customer.

White Label

Another very important aspect of the partner program of Softvision Agenda is related to the White Label (Branding) thanks to which you can insert your logo within our application.

To customize the application, simply click on the Reseller Data menu and then on the Branding tab. Within this page it will be possible to insert the logo of your company and the address of the web page that your customers will use to access the Softvision Agenda control panel. In the yellow box there is also the Html code which will be inserted in the page in question.