Free booking management software

Offering services to your customers means dedicating time and resources to them. A company often has hundreds of customers to serve and since the time available and the necessary resources are, by their nature, limited, it becomes of fundamental importance to optimize them in the best way.

The classic paper diary is still useful only in rather simple areas where there are often few customers and times to manage. In all other situations, a booking management software such as Softvision Agenda becomes absolutely indispensable.

Let's see what are the main aspects of this system and how to take the first steps in its use.
To work with an appointment management software the first thing to understand is that an appointment is nothing else that an service that is offered to a customer at a particular time.

Offering a service to a customer means not only dedicating time to him, but also reserving human resources (staff members and materials (rooms, machinery, eg.).

The first thing to do in a reservation management software is to define what resources are available to the company by entering all its characteristics in the system. For example in a physiotherapy center we will go to insert all the rooms dedicated to the therapies, the machinery used (Tekar, Iontophoresis eg..).

The next step is to specify which staff members are working in the company and what their role is.

Only at this point will it be possible to load the list of services that are offered to the customer by specifying, for each of them, what are the resources it takes and what are the staff members involved in providing the service.

Of course, it is of crucial importance to indicate to the system what are the working hours and the possible closing periods, so that the software allows reservations only on those days and times.

We are finally ready to proceed with the insertion of our company's appointments: all we have to do is access the section Calendar and double click on the time in which you want to insert a new appointment.

In addition to this mode, Softvision Agenda offers an additional system for entering appointments: the online booking portal. It is a website that allows customers of a company to request reservations independently.

We conclude here this brief introduction to Softvision agenda. For a complete list of Softvision Agenda features, please send us a click on this link.