Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Softvision Agenda is an appointment management software for a shared agenda.
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Multi calendar

The system allows the management of a calendar for each operator and for each location. The management of the shared agenda between the different operators is one of the software strengths.

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Cloud application

The appointment management software doesn't require any installation. A browser and an internet connection that's all you need!.

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SMS and E-Mail Marketing

Customer software management allows you to keep in touch with your customers by sending them SMS and E-Mail informative.

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Online reservations

Offer the possibility to your customers to make their online reservations in total autonomy through a practical booking portal.

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Reminder for customers

Softvision Agenda is able to automatically send to your customers a reminder messages of their appointments via SMS or E-Mail.

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Synchronization with Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar you can continue to use both systems thanks to the perfect synchronization of appointments between our application and Google Calandar.

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Free calendar appointment management software

Multi-resource, multi-location and multi-staff calendar

Each appointment can be associated with a staff member who will take care of the booking, the resources that will be used and the location where the appointment will be managed. From the agenda screen it is then possible to filter the appointments based on one of these elements in such a way as to show only the appointments that must be managed by a staff member or that use certain resources.

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Simple and effective online booking portal

Softvision Agenda is a appointment management software that simplifies your work by allowing your customers to independently make their reservations online, or simply view the times still available on the agenda, through a simple and intuitive website.

If you wish, you can also embed the online booking portal directly on your website.

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Online booking portal

Online bookable services

Unlimited and customizable services

Services represent a key element of an appointment management system because they represent the very goal of booking (a manicure for a beauty center, a massage for a physiotherapist, a room for a bad and breakfast etc.).

Each service can be associated with a staff member and the resources necessary to perform this service.

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Appointment Scheduling for all Businesses

Personal Trainers
Massage Centers
Wellness Centers
Auto Repair Shops
Rental Services
Tax Assistance Centers