The management of the calendar of appointments

This video guide illustrates all the functions of the appointment calendar of the Softvision Agenda software.

The calendar section is obviously the most used within the application as it is used both to enter and edit new appointments, and to know the status of the company's reservations.

The video addresses the following aspects of the appointment calendar:

Representation of an appointment

The graphics used by the program to represent the appointments are illustrated, each of which is associated with a rectangle whose positions, dimensions and colors respectively indicate the time and day of the appointments, their duration and the services booked.

Creating and editing a new appointment

The guide shows how to manually enter a new appointment in the calendar and how to use drag and drop to move an appointment or change its duration.

Working hours

The video explains why it is not possible to enter an appointment in the dotted areas that represent the times when the company is closed.


All three ways of displaying the calendar (monthly, weekly and daily) are illustrated, illustrating their pros and cons.


The video ends with an explanation of the use of display filters thanks to which the system offers the possibility of searching for all the appointments of a customer, the resources used and the appointments of a specific operator.