Services for managing reservations

This video examines in detail the use of the Services within the Softvision Agenda appointment management system.

The services are perhaps the most important aspect within the application as every time a new appointment is created, by an operator or through the booking portal, it is always necessary to indicate which service is offered to the customer in that appointment.

The video deals with two scenarios of using the services:

Hairdressing services

The first example demonstrates using the appointment management services of a hairdresser. A "Workstation" resource with capacity 3 is created, which allows the hairdresser to manage up to 3 appointments simultaneously, and two "Haircut" and "Stilyng" services, both of which can also be booked from the online booking management system.

Services for gyms

The second example of the video examines the case of a gym that needs to manage bookings for a Spinning course. In this case, the "Spinning Lesson" service is created in "Class" mode with capacity 15 (the number of bikes available to the gym) and it is shown how to enter more customers (up to 15) in a single reservation consisting of the spinning lesson.