The online booking portal

This tutorial deals with the subject of the Softvision Agenda online booking portal.

Thanks to this tool, your company's customers will be able to request an appointment by accessing a website that will guide them step-by-step in choosing the service to book and in identifying an available time.

The video covers the following topics:

Customizing the look of the portal

It is shown how to personalize the contents of the portal by providing a presentation of the company, specifying contact information, logo, hours and address for the map.

Automatic creation of a portal account

The tutorial shows how to make sure that, every time a new customer enters, he automatically receives the access data to the booking portal (username, password and address) by e-mail.

Procedure for requesting and confirming an appointment

This section shows the procedure that the customer must follow to make an appointment on the portal and how the administrator can confirm or cancel the request received.

Personalization of the portal url

Finally, it is shown how to specify the prefix of the portal url so that customers can access the site via an address like