Appointment reminder

It often happens that customers book an appointment several weeks (or even months) in advance. In such situations it is not uncommon for a customer to forget the date of his appointment and be forced to contact the company again, or even to skip the appointment thus leaving uncovered a time which at that point is no longer possible to cover.

To avoid situations of this type, it is absolutely necessary to remind the customer of the date and day of his appointment with a few hours, or at least one day in advance. Obviously, doing this manually, contacting all customers by phone, is an operation that takes time and resources.

With Softvision Agenda, on the other hand, it is possible to configure the system to send a reminder message to the customer with a certain number of hours in advance of the appointment time. From the menu "Company | Preferences" it is possible to choose both the message to be sent (possibly customizing it) and the hours in advance. The choice of the message can be made in the section "Automatic sending of e-mail and SMS messages" by selecting the event "Reminder of an appointment".

The reminder message can be an SMS or an E-Mail. Obviously the first method is definitely safer than the second as SMS messages with a customizable sender sent by Softvision Agenda are much more likely to be read immediately by the customer than an E-Mail that could be read several hours or days later, thus frustrating them its usefulness.