Statt members

The staff members are represented by the people who work, in various capacities, within a company. Each of them can be assigned an account that allows them to access the application.

Softvision Agenda allows you to create staff members of three types:

  • Operators: these are subjects who take part in the provision of the service. For example, in a physiotherapy center that provides massage services, the operator will be the one who physically performs the massage.
  • Secretaries: an operator of this type can only operate on the calendar by entering or editing appointments.
  • Administrators: is the default operator created together with the account. The main role is configuring the system but, at the same time, it can possibly also play the roles of operator or secretary. Such a situation often occurs in individual companies (e.g. single doctor's office).

In some ways, within the appointments, staff members play a role quite similar to that of resources. In fact, if one or more services are configured to request a specific operator, the system will prevent you from entering two appointments related to services in which the same staff member is required.

For operators and administrators involved in the notes it is possible to indicate the capacity of the staff member, i.e. the number of appointments he can carry out simultaneously, and the color to be assigned to the appointment involving the staff member (if you have chosen to color the appointments according to the staff member and not according to the service).

Synchronization with Google Calendar

From the staff member management window it is also possible to activate the synchronization with Google Calendar.