From the Company menu of Softvision Agenda, under "Company hours" it is possible to indicate at what times of the week the system can accept appointments.

In addition to the opening hours, it is possible to indicate any periods in which the company is closed (for example, for holidays or holidays). For each of these periods, the start and end date and time will be indicated.

Of course there is also the possibility to specify a closing period corresponding to a part of a day (for example afternoon closing on a given day) indicating the same day as the initial and final period but with different times.

The times just described are for the entire company but it is also possible to indicate the times of availability or unavailability of specific resources, locations or staff members.

For example, if a shorter working time is indicated for a staff member than the company, the system, outside of these working hours, will not allow you to enter appointments that require that particular operator.