Google calendar appointments sync

The calendar appointments of a staff member of Softvision Agenda can be synchronized with those of any Google calendar. This implies that every time an appointment is created within the application, it will be immediately replicated within the Google calendar. Similarly, any appointment entered in the Google calendar will automatically be entered in the Softvision Agenda. Changes or cancellations made to calendar appointments will automatically be reflected in Google calendar appointments and vice versa.

Synchronized data

The structure of Google calendar appointments is very simplistic. In fact, each appointment consists exclusively of a title, a description, the timetable and little else. For this reason, when an appointment is synchronized between the two environments, not all Softvision Agenda appointment properties will be copied to Google Calendar. In particular, data on resource use and staff members will not be copied as Google does not support these elements. Instead, the name of the calendar service is inserted into the description of the appointment in Google calendar. Similarly, when an appointment entered in Google is copied to Softvision Agenda, an appointment is created with the same title, description and time, with the service and location indicated in the configuration of the staff member who has activated synchronization.


Softvision Agenda has a rigorous validation system that allows an appointment to be entered only if a whole series of criteria are verified such as, for example, the time within the limits of the company's opening hours, the availability of resources or staff members, etc. The Google calendar is totally devoid of a validation system so when an appointment is created by Softvision Agenda, it will certainly be entered in Google Calendar but the opposite is not always guaranteed. For example, if an appointment is entered in Google Calendar that is outside company hours, this will not be copied to the calendar of the staff member who has activated synchronization.

Activation of synchronization

To activate synchronization you need to access the staff member window in the "Staff Members" section staff. Through the last Tab of the window it will be possible to activate the synchronization. Google will open an authentication window to request access to your Google account (it may be necessary to click on "Advanced" and then on "Open"). When the window is closed, it will be possible to choose which Google calendar to synchronize, the service and the location to associate with the appointments from Google Calendar.
After clicking on the "Save" button, the appointments present in the two calendars will be synchronized. This operation may also take several minutes depending on the number of appointments present in the two calendars. After this initial synchronization phase, any changes made to one calendar will automatically be reflected in the other.

Synchronized Appointments

It is very important to specify that only appointments containing the only staff member who has activated synchronization will be synchronized. For example, an appointment that includes two staff members will not sync even if one of the staff members has sync turned on.
In practice, only appointments that exclusively concern the synchronized staff member are considered.